The Kmhmu Laos ( ກຶມມຸ )

History is unfair because it retains only the names of people who violently conquered countries or distinguished themselves by their cruelty to humanity! In our history books, it gives a prominent place to the torturers of poor people, to the scavengers of rich cities, to the destroyers of temples. Can you believe that the earth was created only to witness all the atrocities that man is capable of committing !
A11My people is calm and tolerant, not greedy for magnificence. It was never placed in the ranks of conquerors in History and it pays for it by its absence in school notebooks. You're on the Kmhmu's webside and I invite you to meet us ! Add to your school history books a few pages about my people, whose greatest sin was to have been at peace with itself and with the other peoples in the world…
Laos is and always will be our country. Our roots go deeply into the valleys of Laos. We could have lived an eternity in our country but one day, coveting the wealth of our land, the Lao Lum people, coming from China, chased us away. We had to flee into the mountains.
Refugees there, we were able to survive in a dense, wild and inhospitable nature. It did not take a long time for it to be the essential part of our culture, our heart beats to the rhythm of the earth!
So, you have the opportunity to know us and your presence here gives us great joy and pride to describe our culture. Our story is told in this website; step by step, together, we'll discover it....
Thank you!


03Baggage is finally ready! I hope I do not have too much fee for excess to pay! I get onto the plane and I sit next to my friends. We do not speak, maybe some words, this trip is so important for our future life it inhibits our intellect. The plane signal sounds, it is 14:00, time to take off! During the trip, my excitement keeps me awake .... A stop-over in Hanoi nevertheless allows me to stretch my legs ... but 3:25 waiting at the gates even exasperate my country!...Read more...


- Laisser tremper le riz dans de l'eau tiède pendant au moins 1 heure,
- Emincer l'oignon, le galanga, l'ail et les piments.
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Les costumes

HabitChaque groupe linguistique de l'ethnie Kmhmu se distingue des autres par une tenue qui lui est propre. En parcourant ce diaporama, vous constaterez que ces demoiselles sont habillées simplement, sans dentelles ni autres ornements de passementeries. Lire la suite...

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